GWENT - Homecoming Comprehensive revision of the game announced

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GWENT homecoming

The team behind GWENT presented the roadmap today, i.e. the plans for the future. It's not just about expansions and new cards etc. but rather about helping GWENT to be more fun and original again.

The developers are very honest and admit that in daily business, i.e. developing from update to update, the great vision for the game was lost. This is about to change and the CD Projekt Red Team calls it HomecomingSo back home to the beginning. Back then, as well as the community, was still really hyped for the new game, which was considered to be big competition Hearthstone Was seen.

One of the central points that the revision will focus on are:

The player as a military leader on the GWENT battlefield

The decision on which line a unit played should become more important again. The player doesn't really feel like the general of his units at the moment.

This also includes the next point:

Appreciation of the board

In contrast to the first concept ideas, the rows of the board now hardly play a role. The visual revision goes hand in hand with a possible playful decision to reduce the ranks to close combat and long-range combat.

Such a change would of course change GWENT quite seriously and would have to be tested extensively.

The coin toss / coin flip

The starting situation is usually better for the second player, so one of the focus points is to improve the system.

Player progress

This includes a new, more extensive one Tutorial to allow new players an easier entry. The level / success system and the ranking mode are also being revised.

More focus on player skills in the match

Player feedback on mechanics like "Produce“Was pretty straight forward. Too much chance and matches won that had nothing to do with the skills of the players. Because of the immense chance factor, many players switched from Hearthstone to GWENT.

Here there should be a redesign with significantly less chance and a smaller selection.

As a result, the focus is on more again Depth and complexity placed. The decisions of the player have a lot more influence than the decision to google the "best" deck.

The Witcher

GWENT is not called for nothing The Witcher Card Game, also with the visual impression and mood, it should go more towards the games and Geralt's world.

The fate of the long announced Thronebreaker single player campaign was also aired. After the homecoming project is finished, GWENT will finally be officially released together with Thronebreaker.

All in all, very clear and astonishingly frank words that you rarely hear in the industry. That definitely gives hope for the future of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. The original message from the developer can be found here.

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