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In this Hearthstone Guide we introduce you to a paladin deck that has packed it up to Legendary Rank. Many decks have been updated with the latest Hearthstone Extension Kobolds and catacombs (K&K) get strong upgrades. The new Murloc Paladin proves to be particularly powerful together with cards like the "Catacomb crawlr "or the"Unidentified hammer". Typically for aggressive decks, the Murloc Paladin also plays very quickly and you get a lot of games in a short time. So who is the Legendary rank has set as a goal, with such a deck certainly gets further than with a control deck.

While decks like Dead Man's Hand Control Warrior are fun, 20 minute matches that run to the point of exhaustion are not the ideal way to quickly climb the leaderboard.

Hearthstone Guide for the K&K Murloc Paladin

It has a lot compared to known version from Knights of the Frozen Throne changed. The reinforcement cards such as Blessing of the Kings, Spiked Mount and Bone Steed have been replaced. Inexpensive murlocs, servants with synergy effects such as Knife juggler and the Murloc leader, as well as the Good-natured megasaurus to reinforce your murlocs.

3 new ones Kobolds & Catacombs Cards find their way into the deck:

Hearthstone - Unidentified Hammer

The Unidentified hammer reinforce your servants with a random effect.

Hearthstone - off to battle

Off to battle - Recruit 3 of your cheap murlocs onto the battlefield.

Hearthstone - Catacomb Crawler

Catacomb Crawler - One of the strongest cards introduced with K&K. Either your little servants overrun the enemy directly or if he can destroy them, he may have to deal with the 5/5 catacomb crawls in round 3.

Mulligan - starting hand selection

Try to keep your cheap servants on hand if possible in order to put pressure on them right from round 1. The weapons are of no use to you if you don't have servants on the battlefield to reinforce them.

Card alternatives:

In comparison to Knight of the Frozen Throne Variant, the deck has become significantly faster, no Tirion Fordring, no curator more and also the buffet cards were removed. Finja the death fin or a bone steed will surely find their place if you are missing cards. Also Bluegill Warrior or Gall fin tide hunter work well with the reinforcements from the rest of the cards.

Deck list:

2x {tooltip}Grimscale accomplice{end-text}Hearthstone Paladin Guide - Grim Scales Accomplice{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Honest protector{end-text}Hearthstone Paladin Guide - Loud Protector{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Murloc Tidecaller{end-text}Hearthstone Guide - Murloc Tide Caller {end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Murlocinquisitor{end-text}Hearthstone Paladin Guide - Murloc Inquisitor{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Hydrologist{end-text}Hearthstone Paladin Guide - Hydrologist{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Knife juggler{end-text} Hearthstone Guide - Knife Juggler{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Stone pond hunter{end-text}Hearthstone Guide -Steinteichjaeger {end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Divine favor{end-text}Hearthstone - Divine Favor{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Blade of incentive{end-text}Hearthstone Guide Paladin - Blade of Incitement{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Murloc leader{end-text}Hearthstone Guide - Murlocanfuehrer {end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Depth light seer{end-text}tHearthstone Guide - Tefenlichtseher{end-tooltip}

1x {tooltip}Unidentified hammer{end-text}Hearthstone - Unidentified Hammer{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Off to battle{end-text}Hearthstone - off to battle{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Good-natured megasaurus{end-text}Hearthstone Guide - Goodmouthed Megasaurus {end-tooltip}

1x {tooltip}Sunkeeper Tarim{end-text}Hearthstone Paladin Guide - Sunkeeper Tarim{end-tooltip}

2x {tooltip}Catacomb Crawler{end-text}Hearthstone - Catacomb Crawler{end-tooltip}


Decklist for direct import into the Hearthstone client:

Just copy it and go to Collection -> Create new deck with the code in the clipboard:

AAECAZ8FArnBAtblAg7FA9sDpwWnCLEI06oC2a4C07wCs8ECncICscIC48sC + NIC + 9MCAA ==

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