Hearthstone - Kobolds and Catacombs now live


With the weekly maintenance came the patch for the Hearthstone expansion Kobolds & Catacombs, which has since been activated. Go on a treasure hunt!

Here are the most important facts again:

  • Logging in after the launch gives you a gift from Blizzard in the form of 3 free Kobolds & Catacombs card packs, plus a random Legendary Weapon.
  • Treasure hunt: A FREE, repeatable, single player experience that has everything you need!
  • Legendary Weapons for ALL nine classes (as collectable cards)
  • New keyword: Recruit
  • Two new card types: Magic stones and Unidentified items
  • All in all 135 new cards for your collection!

Hearthstone - New Daily Quests

  • There were three building on each other Treasure hunt quests each with a card pack of goblins & catacombs added as a reward *.
  • Complete a treasure hunt with all nine classes to get the back of the card "King of the Candles" to obtain.
  • New Daily Quest - Speleologists: Defeat 5 enemies while hunting for treasure. Reward: 1 classic pack.

There were also some improvements and adjustments in the interface and the arena. In the arena, Blizzard was busy tinkering with the probabilities that certain cards would appear. The intro video was also replaced by the short film "We are Hearthstone". You can find the details below:

  • Reconnect and friend challenge UI have been improved.
    • A new "game paused" notification will show a countdown while waiting for the opponent to reconnect.
    • When a player reconnects, the time for their turn is reset.
    • The game menu now shows "Quit Game" instead of "Surrender". Selecting this option ends the game in a tie.


  • Adjusted the frequency with which cards show up in the arena when building decks.
  • Note: Neutral non-basic servants from the classic set form the basis for the frequency of appearance:
    • Basic / classic neutral servant: 0.5x
    • Non-basic / classic neutral servant: 1x
    • Neutral servant from the latest set: 2x
    • Basic servant of the class: 2x
    • Basic spells of the class: 3.5x
    • Non-basic / classic servant of the class: 2x
    • Non-base / classic spell / class weapon: 3.5x
    • Servants of the class from the latest set: 4x
    • Class spell / weapon from the latest set: 7x
  • As part of our efforts to bring the class balance into line with the arena, we regularly make small adjustments to the frequency of certain arena cards.

There were also a number of bug fixes:

Hearthstone patch

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when attempting to watch a game without closing the arena welcome message.
  • Demolishing Malfurion the Infested will no longer render armor invisible.
  • LIFE attacks no longer generate excessive animation while Auchenai Soul Priestess and Bolf Rammschild are on the battlefield.
  • Multi-target effects with Lifesteal now apply their healing as a single large heal, rather than individually.
  • Lifesteal effects targeting multiple minions now result in a single, large healing effect instead of several individual ones.
  • All life deprivation effects now use the same standardized audiovisual effects.
  • Combo effects can no longer target minions who cannot be interacted with, such as sherazine in seed form.
  • Brann Bronzebeard no longer gives Leichenfledderin double life deprivation.
  • Blingtron's battle cry now triggers the death rattle of weapons when performed twice by Brann Bronzebeard.
  • Minions destroyed by Frostmourne will now appear on his enchantment banner.
  • Loss of durability on the Sword of Justice no longer occasionally triggers life steal.
  • Deathstalker Rexxar's Battle Cry no longer benefits from the effects of equipped weapons, such as Toxic or Steal Life.
  • Reluctant Sacrifice's random targeting no longer selects an opposing spellcaster who intercepted a Reluctant Sacrifice.
  • Scavenging Hyena no longer gets + 2 / + 1 when given a Death Rattle and then targeted by Dreadscale Hunter.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when casting a quest spell that triggers a counterspell.
  • Cards transformed by Golden Goblin are no longer occasionally shown to the enemy.
  • Frost Nova's animation will no longer play multiple times when Moorabi is on the battlefield.
  • Moving the mouse pointer over a started quest at the beginning of your own turn no longer means that cards that contribute to the quest progress lose the class-specific frame color.
  • The Strengthen buff no longer occurs with a slight delay when applied to a selectable minion that was last played on a full battlefield.
  • Effects that compare cards from both decks and other effects that reveal cards now work as intended when the deck contains 60 cards.

Card chaos

  • Doppelganger Conference: Yellow-glowing servants no longer keep their glow when they transform into a new servant.
  • Dream Team: Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the game to end prematurely when changing heroes.
  • Deck, Switch: Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if the turn ended while the opponent was controlling Jeeves.

Mobile devices

  • [Mobile devices] Fixed a bug where the tooltips for cards would occasionally appear at the edge of the screen and be cut off on mobile devices.
  • [Android] The region selection is no longer occasionally displayed blank on Android tablets.


  • The card text of Elekk the King now says that a card is drawn and no longer that it is put into hand because the functions differ.
  • The explanatory text for some keywords has been shortened to make it easier to read when the mouse pointer is hovered over a servant with many keywords.
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