Hearthstone - Kobolds and Catacombs release date

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Finally Blizzard has the date for that Hearthstone expansion Kobolds & Catacombs (K&K) betrayed. At the December 8th The time has come and millions of brave adventurers can secure the new cards and start their treasure hunts.

Hearthstone - Kobolds & Catacombs

The latest Hearthstone expansion is all about the candle lovers living under Azeroth and their treasures. For thousands of years they have been digging and digging their huge cave labyrinths and in doing so come across treasuries, graves and other buried treasures.

These are the treasures that players are after, and some will be available right at the launch of the expansion:

Equal three goblins & catacombs card packs Blizzard gives away to all players who log in and a random new one on top of that Legendary weapon.

These Legendary weapons are one of the new features of K&K, every class gets its copy, even classes like priests or magicians who had no weapon cards before. The weapons bring very powerful effects such as the dragon soul:

Hearthstone Dragon Soul

Then there is that free feature Treasure hunts. You have to compete against 8 bosses one after the other with a 10 card deck and you can choose one of 3 cards after each victory. So you gradually improve your deck in order to meet the later challenges. Among them are some extremely powerful cards that can never be found in player versus player mode.

Comes as a new card mechanic Recruit. You summon a servant from the deck directly onto the battlefield. This can be a random servant or it can be subject to certain conditions.

They are also new unidentified cardsthat still get a bonus effect on hand. As well as the upgradeable spellthat offer stronger effects if certain conditions have been met beforehand. We have already reported on both new effects.

As with all Hearthstone Expansions can once again be pre-ordered 50 Kobolds & Catacombs packages, together with an exclusive card back, for € 49.99.

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