Heroes of the Storm - Malthael as the new champion

Heroes of the Storm

The Grim Reaper is on his way to harvesting rich crops in the Nexus. The Angel of Death from Diablo 3 Malthael is the newest champion for Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.

Malthael's background

“Malthael was once the aspect of wisdom, but after the destruction of the World Stone he left the High Heavens and was gone for a long time. He secretly forged a monstrous plan to end the Eternal Conflict: As the Angel of Death, he planned to destroy everything that was afflicted with demonic corruption, including humanity. "

After we defeated him in Diablo 3, he is now looking for new victims in the Nexus. If you are not a Diablo 3 fan, you should still read the intro to the Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls on Youtube look at.

As an assassin, he will continue to do powerful damage in Heroes of the Storm. Thanks to its passive voice, its automatic attacks apply the mark of death to the enemies it hits for 4 seconds. This reveals them on the map and inflicts 1.25 % of their maximum health damage every second.

His other abilities are as follows:

Q - soul robbery

Steals the soul of nearby enemies afflicted with the Mark of Death, inflicting 100 damage and healing Malthael for 44 life points per target hit. Heroic targets also heal Malthael for 3% of their maximum health.

W - wandering of the ghosts

Instantly teleports Malthael through a Mark of Death enemy, dealing 59 damage and restoring the Mark of Death.

E - fog of death

After 0.25 seconds, unleash a wave of dark clouds of mist that afflicts enemies hit with the mark of death.

The heroic abilities of Malthael

Tormented souls

Grants 20 Armor and unleashes a torrent of tormented souls continuously afflicting nearby enemies with the Mark of Death for 4 seconds.

ashes to Ashes

Puts an enemy hero with a death sentence, inflicting damage equal to 50% of his missing health points after 2 seconds.

Repeatable Quest: Enemies who die while being affected by ashes to ashes permanently reduce the ability's cooldown by 5 seconds, down to a minimum of 15 seconds.

New skins and mounts for Heroes of the Storm

When Malthael will be released is not yet known. In the video at the beginning of the article, Blizzard also shows some new skins and mounts that will be introduced together with Malthael in one of the next patches.

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