Heroes of the Storm - Nexomania Update brings the Diablo / Lunara Rework

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Heroes of the Storm

The new Heroes of the Storm Update brings the exciting Nexomania event, as well as the revision of Lunara and Diablo.

About the We have already reported changes to Lunara and Diablo and nothing else was changed on the PTR.

During the stopover on the public test server, something went wrong with the conversion work on the Hanamura card. This will remove the card from Custom Game mode for the time being.

The detailed German patch notes for the Heroes of the Storm Nexomania update can be found on the official Blizzard homepage.

Heroes of the Storm - Value Packs and New Skins

There are also a number of new skins and a new announcer to match the revisions of Diablo and Lunara:

New savings packages

  • Items from the Summer, Sun, Swimming Fun event have returned for the Nexomania event! Add them to your collection by opening Nexomania loot chests or purchasing the savings package: Summer, Sun, Bathing Fun 2017.
  • The following new package deals are available until June 11th!
    • Savings package: Grito Infernal
    • Austerity package: fight of the century
    • Savings package: summer, sun, bathing fun 2017

New announcer

  • El Guapo

New skins

  • Diablo
    • Diablo, el Chamuco
    • Diablo, el Chamuco del Inframundo
    • Diablo del Grito Infernal
  • ETC
    • ETC, el Mariachi
    • ETC, el Mariachi del Inframundo
    • ETC, el Mariachi de la Fiesta
  • Garrosh
    • Garrosh, el Jefe
    • Garrosh, el Fuego
    • Garrosh, el Jefe del Inframundo
  • Kharazim
    • Dropkick kharazim
    • Dropkick-Kharazim, the champion
    • Dropkick-Kharazim de los Muertos
  • Lunara
    • Lunara, la Parca
    • Lunara, la Catrina
    • Lunara de los Muertos
  • Sonya
    • Sonya, la Pantera
    • Sonya, la Pantera dorada
    • Sonya, la Pantera del Inframundo

New mounts

  • Luchihuahua
    • Luchihuahua del Grito Infernal
    • Luchihuahua del Inframundo
  • Schwiñata
    • Schwiñata del Grito Infernal
    • Schwiñata de la Lucha
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