Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Tips & Tricks for beginners

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Buy now on Amazon *) hit like a bomb, the extreme realism won over 500,000 buyers in the first 2 days. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance the reality starts with the daily eating and sleeping up to the fact that our hero no Superman, but the simple son of a blacksmith.

If you walk z. B in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim After 1 hour and 4 missions, you are directly the archmage in the university of the magicians. Something like that doesn't happen here, our protagonist is viewed rather skeptically and if we get noticed negatively, we are in jail in no time. If we ruin our reputation at the very beginning, the city watch will later stop us every 2 minutes to search our pockets.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tips & Tricks

To get you started, we have put together a few tips that should make the first few hours a little easier:

The "tutorial" lasts 10 hours!

Please don't let that put you off, but until the story really starts you will be on the road for a while. And until you finally learn how to fight correctly and get the opportunity to earn money, you must have reached the city of Rattay. You will also get a bow and a horse there, which you don't want to miss anymore. Nevertheless, you shouldn't rush and enjoy the history and area, but you should perhaps start more extensive explorations that deviate from the main mission later.

Save: It is automatically saved at certain points, for example when you accept a quest or reach a special event. You can only save manually by sleeping in your own bed, in the bathhouse or by object. The rescue schnapps is not there to protect against the cold, but saves your progress. Use the rescue schnapps very sparingly, you will get 3 pieces at the beginning, but more will cost 100 groschen and more. So really only use this to save if you want to try something particularly risky.


On the one hand, your decisions in the quests have an impact, which is usually permanent due to the storage system explained above. On the other hand, closeness to reality plays a role. Whoever should bring the merchant a message will find him in his shop during the day, at home at night and in between you have to look for him on the way between the two. Of course, you can just hang around 6 hours in front of the store with the wait function, but that will cost your food supplies and in the meantime you might miss another date.

Plan your quests and the order in which you tackle them, so as time-saving as possible.


You are the simple son of a craftsman, even if you have waved a sword through the air, it is not preparation for real combat. That's why the first fights are particularly difficult, your character only learns new combos and fighting skills through practice. To be able to better assess the blows and maneuvers of the opponents from your own abilities, not to mention.

You can practice at Captain Bernard outside of Rattay. He will also teach you new maneuvers and actions.


Don't go hungry, but don't feast either. If you swallow too much, you will get one at some point Debuff that slows you down. As in real life, you probably don't run 20 km, right after the 6-course menu.

Since food also goes bad and you get sick when you consume spoiled things, it is best to only take as much food with you as you need. In civilization you can often help yourself from a pot and save your own supplies.

Incidentally, spoiled food is also bad for the opponents. If you find a bandit camp and sneak up on their cooking pot at night and throw poisons or the like into it, then ideally you will only find their corpses one day later.

Thief's career in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If you are in the shadow of stealing, sneaking and other activities, then you should line up in Rattay after you wake up Theresa's uncle hold. The jobs he gives you to pay your debts unlock a fence. With it you can sell stolen goods and get some money.

Even if you want to be an honest fellow, you should buy 2 lockpicks as quickly as possible and keep them in the reserve. Practice picking chests on light locks. Theresa's uncle has a practice box or teaches yourselves.

KO victories don't last forever

If you knocked someone out, it doesn't last forever in Kingdome Come: Deliverance like in other games. Some die-hard fellows get up again after 30 seconds and then make their way back to you. Knocking down a guard and then leisurely robbing the house for hours will not work.

Repair your equipment:

Everything wears out and if you don't want to suddenly lose parts of your armor in battle, you should take care of the necessary maintenance in the city. Depending on which parts you need to repair, you need an armor / weapons smith or a tailor.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will fall into the first few hours Kingdome Come: Deliverance a little easier.


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