Kingdom Come: Deliverance - New trailer for the release

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Just in time for today's release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance there was the final trailer on YouTube. The medieval action role-playing game with the realistic combat system and, for a change, without supernatural things like magic, was eagerly awaited by many fans.

Developed from the Czech Warhorse team Kingdom Come: Deliverance scores with the most realistic possible approach. We are a simple farmer's son trying to survive in a medieval country ravaged by war for the throne. At first we barely survive the attack of a mercenary troop on our village and, out of thoughts of revenge, join the army of the opposite side.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Realistic Middle Ages and Combat

Realism is not limited to just that Combat system, which is not as central as one would have expected after some trailers. A lot of time is spent exploring the locales, getting to know the daily rhythm of NPCs and being concerned about physical survival. Because as in real life, air and land are not enough, we need food, water and regular sleep, otherwise our values will drop. Without refrigerators and preservatives, our food spoils relatively quickly and so we always have to keep things going.

When it comes to the character system, Kingdom Come: Deliverance sticks to the tried and true, the skills we use are gradually improving. If we solve our problems with a lot of fights instead of speeches, our main character will eventually become a real knight with more strength and skill, etc. The Struggles are a special challenge: blocking, slamming, countering everything has to be well planned. An iron sword like that doesn't swing around like a lightsaber. According to the first test reports, the control is still in need of improvement.

If you want a deeper insight into the detailed combat system, there is also a video from the developers:


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Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released today on February 13th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As always, you can find the trailer at the beginning of the article.

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