League of Legends developers reveal the next champions

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League of Legends

After the Irelia Reworks, put that League of Legends Champion Team is now making further plans for this year.

Since last year the teams for champion updates and new champions merged, the schedules have changed slightly. With 140 champions now, the pressure to update “old” champions from the early days is much greater than to bring out a completely new hero every week.

Thus the focus of the team becomes more on the Revision and adjustment move the senior champion. This is also attributable to the feedback from the community.

League of Legends - The next champ will be dark and wet

Nevertheless, there is a small preview of the next one new Champion. This becomes a support and is strongly connected to the sea. The background should be much darker and more profound than with other supporters. The next champion will also have an aggressive style of play. So different from for example Braum, Soraka, Janna who have a very passive style and protect their ADC more. Similar to Thresh or Leona, the “new one” follows the motto “Attack is the best defense”.

League of LegendsAatrox and Akali

The revisions are Aatrox and Akali. Aatrox should only get minor adjustments in the direction of relentless swordmasters. But in the course of the work it became clear that improvements to his model were also necessary. In addition, he has earned a new voice output that should be significantly more brutal and mean.

The improvements to Akali should continue the pattern Strike - Reposition - Strike again consequences. Accordingly, she should keep her veil and the opportunity to make herself invisible as Nina.

After the two revisions, another veteran of the league is in the starting blocks: Nunu.

Nunu and Willump, the dynamic duo are completely renewed. Although the new skills should have a clear recognition value, but adapted to the new modern League of Legends. The theme of childish friends who are happy about a snowball fight and have fun should also be retained.

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