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In addition to looks and skills, the name plays one thing League of Legends Champion plays a big role. One of the developers of Riot today gave a detailed insight into the process of creating the names of new heroes. There were also a number of funny examples, so meant Xayahs first draft name "Testicles".

If you consider that League of Legends appears worldwide in dozens of languages and you can find the most distant meaning of a word through Google, a lot of names are quickly sorted out. Who, like the writer of these lines, has trouble finding a unique character name for himself World of Warcraft to think about something would certainly despair.

League of Legends - Hundreds of ideas for every champion

Developing a new champion takes months and often ends with naming. Even so, the team has to somehow name their latest creation so that such a nickname doesn't get stuck, the designers often choose unpronounceable or extremely ridiculous names in this stadium.

Later, when it comes to creating a specific name, one of the steps is to lay down general rules.

As an example, the standards for the name of Toplanerin Camille called:

  • Should sound aristocratic and eccentric
  • Should convey the image of a real lady from Piltover
  • Should sound attractive, but not beautiful
  • Should sound clearly feminine
  • Can be abbreviated to a nickname

There are also a number of rules that apply to all champions:

  • What's the shortest version of this name, and does this moniker still match the goals?
  • Can the name be pronounced in the other languages the game is translated into? A good test of this is to imagine yourself being shouted by commentators.
  • Is it pronounced as it is written? Otherwise you have to constantly correct people (VEYgar / VEIgar, CassIOpeia / CassiopEIA). However, you can work around this problem: almost all new champions say their name in the game. Examples: "I am Illaoi and I am here to test you" or "Hi, I am Zoe!"
  • Does the name look interesting and does it sound good?
  • Are there other champions whose names sound similar? In principle, this should always be avoided because every champion should be unique. It's also confusing.

Rakan, the hamster bottle?

Then a list of 100 to 200 potential names is created, which is then thinned out according to further criteria. When only the top 10 names remain, they go to the regional teams. There other “bad” candidates are sorted out or concerns are reported. So Camille reminiscent of camel and for Rakan there is the meaning Hamster bottleAt this point it is a matter of discretion whether the name is deleted or allowed to pass. The above-mentioned meaning of "Xaya" = testicle naturally fell under the "does not work" category and was changed to Xayah.

In addition to further details, the Blog of the League of Legends developer also an amusing list of names that didn't make it and the explanation why not.

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