League of Legends - Patch 8.4

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League of Legends

Following the new patch rhythm from Riot, Patch 8.4 brings a lot of changes for League of Legends, with a special focus on the magician items. Furthermore, the developers take care of some of the top planners who simply have too much regeneration opportunities and were so hard to beat.

So far, there is almost no choice of objects for magicians, if you need mana, only the Morellonomicon remains. After that, you just follow the best items for maximum damage like Void Staff and Liandry's Torment.

In the future there should be more choice of what you can build after a first lost chapter. Ludens Echo, Hextech-GLP-800 and Staff of the Archangel are now 3 possibilities that can arise from the chapter. The final results were also changed, for example the Archangel's staff received 10 % cooldown reduction.

Liandry's Torment receives a stackable buff that gives + 2% bonus damage, up to 10%. Rabadon's death hood is now built from 2 x Oversized Staff and the passive effect is increased to 40%.

League of Legends Character Changes

Might be in top lane Darius come back, according to Riot, he's doing too little damage:

W cooldown decreased at low ranks. W damage increased at higher ranks. E armor penetration increased.

RenektonQ damage increased at higher ranks. Reinforced Q damage increased

Poppy - Passive damage increased at lower ranks. E damage increased.

Ornn –  W shield duration increased. Decreased cooldown at low ranks. Damage increased at low ranks and decreased at high ranks. "Crumbly" effect duration reduced. E now deals more damage on average, but can no longer hit twice.

Gangplank was one of those cases that was hard to get out of lane:

Q mana cost increased at low ranks. E barrel duration decreased. Barrels no longer reveal nearby units.

Hopefully that should change thanks to increased mana costs.

With the shooters is Kalista turn to break their supremacy over other shooters .:

Base attack damage and base range reduced. Base attack speed and attack speed increased per level. W now grants attack damage instead of attack speed when Kalista is near her sworn sworn.

Tristana's R pretty much loses on cooldown, from 100/85/70 seconds on 120/110/100 seconds up. That's 30s more cooldown at level 16.

A constant discussion point is also covered: Zoe. For some players an extremely annoying champion who apparently gives little opportunity for better play.

“A lot of changes. The main ones are: Q's damage decreased; Vassals no longer drop Teleportation; E no longer refunds cooldown when a champion falls asleep; if the "sleepy" effect is removed, the target no longer falls asleep. "

Just the change to the sleepy effect should fix a lot of frustrations about incorrectly used QSS.

The complete patch notes would go beyond the scope of this article, so these were just the highlights. The full list can be found at the League of Legends homepage.

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