League of Legends - Snowdown 2017

League of Legends

The annual Christmas spectacle, called Snowdown in League of Legends, often brings the best skins, such as Singed with his sleigh and other funny specimens.

In 2017, Riot will celebrate the cold season with the Snowdown Event until January 9, 2018. There are new skins, missions, special winter joy capsules and the new game variant Snow URF

The 3 new League of Legends skins


Jinx loves a good party with surprises.
We should all be wary of whatever lies ahead!

League of Legends - Jinx


Draven comes from outside of the forest - don't cry for joy!
He's the best Santa Claus ever ... unless he throws his ice ax ...

League of Legends - Draven


Poppy is the smallest but incredibly strong as everyone knows.
With her bell hammer, she breaks through the ice!

League of Legends - Poppy

The Winter joys capsules offer additional skin splinters and an increased chance of further surprises:

“For a limited time, refill your supply of Winter Delight Capsules. Inside you will find two or more random skin shards, a guaranteed skin shard of at least epic value and additional orange essences. In addition, the probability of receiving additional skin shards and / or a gem is increased. "

The extremely popular one URF mode also comes back and in a new guise and lets you try out all Snowdown Skins for free.

“The crazy snow URF (all random)! Defeat your opponents in a battle of spells and snowballs in this icy version of URF (All Random) featuring the coolest champions of League.

Poro symbols and their respective skins are returning to both game modes, so don't miss the opportunity to get these cosmetic items before 1/9/2018.

In this game mode, all winter joy and winter design skins can be played for free. "

The detailed information about the winter joys 2017 can be found on the League of Legends page on the subject.

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