Path of Exile - Abyss League Patch Notes

Path of Exile Abyss League

On Friday, December 8th, the time has come Path of Exile Extension "War for the Atlas“Appears. The developers at GGG have already published the extremely extensive patch notes.

In addition to the "good" news like 48 new unique items, 10 new skill gems, 6 new Divination maps, 32 new maps and the revised Atlas, there are also a number of "nerfs". So classes and skills that turned out to be too strong and were therefore adapted. There was already an overview yesterday and the explanations of the developers about the motivation behind the changes, jokingly "Path of Nerfs" called.

Path of Exile - Abyss League details

As announced, there will also be a new league for the release of the expansion. There you start with a fresh character and the league will last about 3 months. Then your character and everything you have earned with him will move to the standard league.

The Abyss Challenge League offers a new play element, on your journey through Wraeclast you will find crevices. From these terrible monsters appear that you have to defeat. If you follow such a rift, it will lead you to a massive chasm from which whole hordes of monsters emerge. If you manage to eliminate this danger quickly enough, a loot chest beckons you.

During the course of the Abyss League, some crevasses will also have access to the "Abyssal Depths" offer, so to the dark abyss underneath. In this you can descend and face other monsters and even a boss.

In Abyssal Depths of a particularly high level there is even a chance Lich boss to meet. These are rare and dangerous, but also offer the possibility of special ones unique Abyss items get.

The monsters and boxes in the Abyssal Depths also sometimes contain the Abyss jewelsthat can only be mounted in special Abyss sockets in your equipment. These can be found in the unique Abyss items and the new special belts with bases.

The Abyss League is somewhat reminiscent of the extremely popular one Breach League and hopefully will offer tons of fun, challenge, and loot. Of course, there are also up to 40 challenges in the league to complete Rewards.

The complete patch notes can be found in the official forum.

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