Path of Exile - Abyss League Rewards

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Path of Exile

The new one comes on December 8th Path of Exile Extension  "War for the Atlas“And the associated Abyss League. As with every league, there are challenges and rewards and these are the ones the developers introduced today.

Path of Exile - The Challenges

Whole 40 challenges / There are challenges to overcome and some are really not for the faint of heart. While the first 12 for the helmet reward or 24 for the Abyss Wings are relatively easy to access. It gets a bit crisper afterwards. Anyone who pounces on the 40th Challenge should better keep the Christmas holidays free. There is a combination of 100x Atziri, Izaro, Shaper or other endgame bosses defeated. Only good that for the stylish Abyss Portal Effect, 36 completed challenges are enough.

The new atlas

Since quite serious changes will be made to the Atlas with the appearance of the expansion, the standard players in particular have worried about a possible reset.

According to the developers, this is not the case. Instead, the progress made so far will be adopted. Since some cards changed their position and their “animal”, i.e. their rank, these individual cases are then “new” and have to be dealt with again. The number of completed cards in the individual tiers will remain the same.

Here is the official statement from the Path of Exile developers:

We've received a few community questions about what will happen to your Atlas progression in the permanent leagues once 3.1.0 is live. We've taken a moment to detail some information about this and wanted to share it in this quick news post.

Your Atlas progression will merge to your standard Atlas. Your Atlas will not be reset but there are other changes that it would be prudent to be aware of.

You'll still have the same number of completed maps on your Atlas and at the same tiers as you completed them. However, some maps in 3.1.0 will be changing tier which means that which map is marked as completed may change.

When your Atlas migrates, you'll still retain the same number and level of bonus objectives completed in their respective tiers of map. For example, if you have two Tier 5 maps with completed bonus objectives but the maps you originally completed have changed tier, you will still have two Tier 5 maps with completed bonus objectives when your Atlas merges, but what the bonus objectives are will have changed . This is also true of sextants that have been applied. However, Sextant blocking rules will also still apply so any invalid Sextant mods on your Atlas will be lost.

If you complete a Legacy map (a map that was dropped before 3.1.0), it will complete a chain of maps from the start pointing on the Atlas up until the tier of map you completed.

Legacy maps will not drop Shaper or Elder items. You also cannot meet Elder Guardians in these maps.

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