Path of Exile - Bestiary Patch and League Information

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Path of Exile

The new Path of Exile League: Bestiary  was announced today and will be released in 14 days. The associated update brings new gems, endgame content and over a dozen new items to the game.

The outstanding and eponymous feature will be the ability Capture beasts. If you become a master in the art of trapping and hunting, you can later capture legendary monsters.

Your prey can be found in the new one menagerie exhibit. But Wraeclast wouldn't be Wraeclast if you just built a petting zoo. Because the menagerie is only the temporary storage facility until you need a victim. The new recipes need sacrifice as an ingredient. In the trailer for the Bestiary League you can see some of the options, for example prophecies can be sealed or preserved. Of course, the strongest recipes also need particularly powerful beasts as sacrifices.

Path of Exile - Recipes

Another function of the beast workshop is the opening of a portal into the spirit world. There you can by killing Spirit beastsLoot special unique items.

Path of Exile - Reworked Ascendancy Classes

As if that weren't enough new game elements, the update comes with a complete overhaul of the 19 ascendancy classes. Each one has been re-rated and adjusted so that all classes allow unique character builds.

Path of Exile - Berserker

You can then test these optimized builds against the new boss:  The over-elder!

“Having corrupted the Creator's guardians, the Elder now has sufficient power to submit the Creator to his will. Defeat both in the center of the Atlas of Worlds and master the most challenging content in Path of Exile. "

New spells / gems:

"Content Update 3.2.0 includes three new gems: the Spectral Shield Throw and Tectonic Strike skill gems, and the new support gem, Summon Phantasm on Kill."

As a fan of Captain America Builds in Diablo 3, the writer of these lines is particularly looking forward to the Spectral Shield Throw.

Path of Exile shield

There are also 30 new unique destiny items. These improved versions of the source items can be obtained by completing Navalis prophecies be earned.

Since GGG is known for not doing things by halves, this was not the end:

"The 3.2.0 content update also includes a new quest in Act 10, 29 new unique items, 10 new divination cards and many other changes."

There you can Path of Exile and Action RPG fans in general are looking forward to an almost new game. Path of Exile is operated by the New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games and is FreetoPlay. So it can be downloaded and played for free. Microtransactions are purely cosmetic in nature and do not provide any playful advantages. Even the extra Crate space is nice, but you can play for months without needing it.

If you decide to support the developers, you can also use the Bestiary supporter packages to buy. This includes points for the shop, forum titles, pets, soundtracks, and armor and weapon skins.

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