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Path of Exile

The Path of Exile "The Fall of Oriath" Beta is making great strides, next week the developers will publish the second wave of the new content. This includes the new Act 8 and many minor improvements.

Path of Exile - The Fall of Oriath Beta Phase 2

In order to test act 8 accordingly, a wipe of the previous beta characters is carried out. Since the in-game tutorials have also been revised, this is the ideal opportunity to give appropriate feedback.

The labyrinth is also unlocked in all four variants to demonstrate the various improvements.

In the subsequent third phase, all changes that have resulted from the testing and feedback from the community are applied and tested as a whole. For example, the monsters in Act 6 and 7 should be heavily reworked and improved. The fight in the "old Forest Encampment" is significantly expanded to reflect your previous decisions in Act 2.

All of this can be found on the beta server.

The Legacy League is being extended

The currently ongoing Legacy League on the live servers is to be extended in the meantime, the end date planned for July 11 is suspended for the time being. As soon as a specific end date for the league and the release of Patch 3.0 is set, the developers will announce it immediately.

In the meantime, GGG is planning another short 2 week event to bridge the waiting time. At the moment it's still going on for 2 weeks Mayhem Event. Each zone is equipped with a special feature, for example: 20 breaches, 20 boxes, 20 invasion bosses or 20 tormented spirits.

For the following event, GGG is collecting wishes from the fans who were in this thread on the Path of Exile forums can be expressed.

You can find a new video with one of the Act 8 bosses at the beginning of the article. Yugul, Reflection of Terror doesn't seem particularly friendly to your visit.

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