Path of Exile - Hotfixes for the Bestiary League

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Path of Exile

The Path of Exile Programmers are doing real record work at the moment, shortly after the release of the Bestiary League they react to feedback from the community and fix some of the bugs they found.

The GGG team is now on Hotfix No. 8, which does not mean that there were hundreds of errors, but rather that every error found and corrected was patched directly on the live servers.

The developers are currently even having a vote on one of the planned changes:

The ability too dead beasts Capturing it caused heated discussions among the players and the GGG team started a vote accordingly. Here is the German message. The voting itself is in English, a translation of the options was provided by Natalia_GGG from the German Path of Exile Team. You come to the English vote right here.

About the first 3 hotfixes We already reported, you can find the others below:

Path of Exile - Hotfixes 4-8

3.2.0 Hotfix 4

  • Temporarily disabled one of the abilities from the final boss of Act 10 and its Endgame Map counterpart. This will mitigate the common crash occurring during this encounter until we can deploy a more permanent solution.

3.2.0 Hotfix 5

  • When you throw a net on a monster, the capture window is now always three seconds, if the net is of appropriate level for that monster. This allows a much larger window for damaging the monster once it has been netted.

3.2.0 Hotfix 6

  • Fixed the most common instance crash. This crash could occur in many areas but was commonly encountered in late Act 10 and Endgame Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where the Life Regeneration bonus granted by the Ascendant's Guardian ascendancy passive skill wasn't working.

3.2.0 Hotfix 7 Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused increased CPU usage.
  • Fixed a bug causing prophecies to not complete if you captured the prophecy monster.
  • Fixed a bug causing player names to not display on party members' portals.
  • Fixed display issues that occurred when re-entering the Fenumus, First of the Night boss fight.
  • Fixed a client crash that occurred when re-entering the Elder Guardian boss fights during the second or third phase.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur on the login screen.
  • Fixed an instance crash that occurred in the Vilenta boss fight.

3.2.0 Hotfix 8 Notes

  • Fixed a bug where Grandmasters did not drop loot.
  • Fixed a bug where two "Craft an Aspect Skill onto an Item" gave the wrong Aspect skill.
  • Fixed a client crash with Scorching Ray.
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