STEAM Winter Sale has started

Steam Sale

The annual Steam winter sale has started, punctually at 7 p.m. on December 21, 2017, the last discount campaign for this year began. Like every year, there are thousands of games, some of them considerably reduced in price, just waiting to be put under the Christmas tree.

The Steam winter sale will run until January 4th, so plenty of time to pick out the best deals.

STEAM winter sale

Anyone who remembers the earlier sales at this point can rest assured. There is none Flash sales more that only offered better prices for a few hours. At that time you had to rush to the computer every 8 hours in order not to miss any offer. In the meantime, the reduced prices are the same for the entire duration of the campaign, so you don't have to wait until the last day.

A little tip: Even the not exactly small Steam servers are regularly overloaded when the discount campaigns start, which is no wonder with the millions of customers. So it's best to wait a little and don't try to strike in the first second. The servers often need something until all prices are updated.

The familiar side SteamDB I would like to recommend everyone at this point, there you can check whether the respective game has not already been offered cheaper. If in doubt, it can be worth waiting for the next sale or checking other retailers such as HumbleBundle, Amazon, etc.

GoG - Winter Sale

Because of course Steam is not the only platform with discounts, also the competitor GoG, has been offering significantly reduced prices for days. Behind GoG.Com are the developers of the well-known games series The Witcher - CD project red from Poland. In contrast to Steam, there are many DRM-free games here, so you can install the game where and how often you want, even without the platform's client like on Steam.

Since the GoG winter sale started earlier, it will only run until December 26th.

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