League of Legends - Kai'Sa, the new champion revealed

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League of Legends - Kai & #039; Sa

The Indian Roadmap already suggested new ones League of Legends Champion revealed by Riot. Kai'Sa, daughter of the void is the new addition to the hero troop. Actually there were indications of a new shooter, but if you look at the published skills and the rather small attack range of only 500 units, this seems rather unlikely. Rather, she seems to fill a combo role of Range Champ and Assassin, similar to Kindred.

So we can be curious to see where Kai'Sa will meet us on the battlefield.

“To survive among the predatory beings of the Void, Kai'Sa had to become one herself. Kai'Sa was stranded in the void for years with no hope of rescue and it is only thanks to her iron will and a symbiotic second skin of a creature of the void that she is still alive. Now the daughter of the void rises, a first-class huntress, who stands between two worlds: the one she created and the one she formed. "

With that, Riot tunes us in to the origin of the daughter of the void. In terms of passive skills, it has 2 to offer:


Caustic wounds:
Kai'Sa's normal attacks mark enemies with "plasma" and cause additional magical damage that increases continuously. After a couple of consecutive attacks, the plasma breaks open, dealing damage based on the target's lack of health.
Disabling effects from nearby allies add stacks to Plasma.

Living weapon:
Kai'Sa's symbiotic suit adapts to her chosen attack style and develops her skills based on permanent Further values that she received through items from the vendor or level up.

Almost all of their abilities benefit from the Living Weapon and receive a bonus effect after reaching a certain value. The overview:

Q- Living weapon:
If Kai'Sa has enough additional Attack damage "Icathian Volley" fires many more missiles.

W- living weapon:
If Kai'Sa has enough additional Ability power Void Projectiles deals more damage and partially refunds the cooldown when it hits a champion.

E-living weapon:
When Kai'Sa has enough additional Attack speed “Super Energy” gives it absolute invisibility for a short time during the charging phase.

League of Legends - Kai'Sa

But now to the skills:


Kai'Sa fires multiple missiles that are evenly distributed among nearby enemies. Additional hits on the same target cause slightly reduced damage.

Disabling effects from nearby allies apply stacks to Plasma.


Kai'Sa shoots a beam of void energy, revealing the first enemy hit, dealing magical damage and stacks of "Plasma".


Kai'Sa charges her weapons, which increases her movement speed for a short time, but cannot attack. When her cannons are fully charged, Kai'Sa increases her attack speed for a few seconds.
Normal attacks reduce the cooldown of "Super Energy".

Especially you Ultimate(R) is interesting:


Kai'Sa jumps near an enemy champion marked “Plasma” at extreme speed and briefly receives a damage-absorbing shield. The jump has a very long range.

As a shooter, you don't want to jump in the direction of your opponent, rather the opposite. Accordingly, Riot's plan for Kai'Sa seems more directional Vayne / Kindred to leave, so high risk and high reward. The only thing she seems to be missing is a chance to escape, so she jumps to an opponent with a killer instinct if she is sure that he will not survive the attack.

The complete overview of Kai'Sa, her skills and small videos showing the skills in action are on the League of Legends homepage about to find them.

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