Path of Exile - Bestiary Patch 3.2. Patch notes in German

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Path of Exile

The Path of Exile Bestiary League is practically around the corner and the developers at GGG have already published the patch notes in advance.

The highlights of Path of Exile Patch 3.2.0

Bestiary League

The new challenge league offers a fresh start with equal conditions for everyone. As with the permanent standard league, you can choose between Hardcore and Standard, as well as between SSF (only items you found yourself, no trading with other players) and "Normal", i.e. with full trade between the players.

As a special feature of the Bestiary League there is the capture of beasts, these can be exhibited and later sacrificed for the production or improvement of objects.

Catching is quite easy, the standard key V is set up for throwing nets, so press V to target monsters and at least theoretically it was ) of the network. Likewise, you should have damaged your victim a little, the lower the target's health, the higher the chance of catching them.

If the capture fails you should be careful, because this irritates the beasts and makes them more dangerous.

With a new recipe you can also open a portal into another dimension and there special Spirit beasts to hunt. They have the chance to drop very special unique set items.

40 new challenges:

“As soon as you have completed 12 challenges, you will receive the Bestiary Helmet. If you complete 24 challenges you will receive the bestiary wings and 36 will give you the bestiary portal effect. These exclusive microtransactions can only be obtained during this league. "

New gems

2 new skill gems and a new support gem come with the update:

  • A new dexterity / strength skill gem has been added: Spectral shield throw. Throws a spectral copy of your shield as a non-pierceable projectile, dealing off-hand damage boosted by the shield's defenses. Upon collision, the projectile splinters into smaller projectiles that fly in all directions. Modifiers that fire additional projectiles add more shards, but not more copies of the shield.
  • A new strength skill gem has been added: Tectonic strike. Hit the ground with your weapon and unleash a fiery rift in front of you, causing area damage and creating additional side rifts at the end of the main rift. If you have Resistance Charges, a Resistance Charge is consumed and the skill increases the number of rifts at the end of the main rift. Requires a mace, sword, ax, staff, or can be used unarmed.
  • A new skill support gem has been added: Aid: Summon Phantasm on Kill. Supports skills that can hit enemies or summon creatures. Upon killing an enemy, those skills or creatures have a chance to summon a Phantasmic creature that uses a piercing projectile spell that deals physical damage.

New endgame boss:

The oldest awaits you for the final showdown and only the strongest and bravest have a chance to prevail against him.

There are also:

  • 27 New Prophecies
  • 10 more divination cards
  • 27 New Unique Items
  • 1 additional quest in act 10 that takes place in the new area "The Control Blocks".
  • The revision of the ascendancy classes
  • Adjustments to the masters and their quests, especially Zana.
  • Sextant limit (maximum 5 active ones on your atlas)
  • Increased probability of finding cards that you have not yet completed.

So far as the highlights, the complete patch notes are truly gigantic (over 8,000 words) and would go far beyond the scope of this article. You can find the complete list of all new features, improvements, bug fixes, etc. on the German Path of Exile homepage Find. The big update will be released on Friday, March 2nd.

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