Path of Exile - Patch increases the occurrence of rare spirit beasts

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Path of Exile

In the latest update, the Path of Exile Developers clearly see the occurrence of the beasts that give access to the rare spirit beasts.

After the initial euphoria about the last expansion and the start of the new one Bestiary League a bit of disenchantment has now spread. Many players criticize the mechanics of capturing beasts etc. on the forums. In practice, many problems emerged, for example targeting the beasts, handling the nets or that the beasts simply died too quickly.

GGG's Path of Exile team already has a number of them Hotfixes released to fix minor issues, including Necromantic networksto capture dead beasts. Added to that new recipes and the option of beasts to act.

The rate at which the rare spirit beasts appeared, or the beasts that allow players to open a portal into the spirit world of the beasts, is improved in the current patch.

Here is the official message:

Path of Exile Update

"Later today we plan to deploy a change that will make it much more likely that you will discover the four legendary beasts that give you access to the realm of the spirit beasts.

The Bestiary League has been running for two weeks now, and during that time we've continuously monitored the number of players accessing the league's endgame content. We initially wanted to avoid increasing the frequency of these particular beasts until we had established beast trade, as easy access to these beasts would certainly have had economic effects.

After following the data on beast trade for a few days, we feel vindicated in our decision to increase the frequency of these beasts. In one of 50 maps you can now encounter one of these legendary beasts, which allows you to fight one of the spirit beasts.

We wanted to add (as it seems little known) that the beasts that give access to spirit beasts are each in cards of the Level 5, 7, 10 and 13 appear. This, of course, has an impact on the number of beasts spawned, and while we don't change that for now, we will continue to monitor the situation.

The team has also reworked the difficulty and loot of the yellow beasts found in each area, making these battles more challenging. This change was made in light of the recipes improvements we made recently, although the portion with the increased loot was patched first. The team is also working on new recipes that use these modifiers for other rewards. "

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